::: Bird's Eye Views (2011) :::

Ornithological chamber concert.
Birds have always been fascinating for musicians as well as for composers. Not only their singing but also their free spirit give room for artistic connotations ranging from onomatopoetic to conceptional.
Bird's Eye Views are contemporary musical insights into the birds' world, which are created differently yet equally fascinating by each composer.


Robin Hoffmann (*1970)
Black Grouse Study (2005)
for black grouse hunting-call

Georgina Derbez (*1968)
La Forca, il sparvier (2007)
for A/T recorders and accordion

Carole Chargueron
Endemico (2007)
for accordion and tape

Gabriela Ortiz (*1964)
Huizitl (1989)
for Ganassi soprano recorder

Mauricio Kagel (1931-20)
Rossignols enrhumés (1981)
from: "RRRRR" 8 pieces for organ
version for accordion

Fabrizio de Rossi Re (*1960)
Salse per Gru..... (1997)
for S/A/B recorders and tape/video

Toshio Hosokawa (*1955)
Birds Fragments IIIb (1989/03)
for Gb/Sno recorders and accordion