::: Zapping. A TV evening (2003/04) :::

Crossing no.3

"Zap, zapped, zapping": Move suddenly and rapidly, especially between television channels or sections of videotape by use of a remote control.

"Zapping" is a film-music programme that brings together sound, image and text in a colourful kaleidoscope.

Sound and image alternately carry information; they complement, contradict, paraphrase or comment on each other. Unlike television, however, sounds or images are sometimes also present on their own - as in the works by Schnebel - thereby awakening associations that complete, in our imagination, what we have seen and heard with images and sounds.

The main programme of the evening (Pisati, Kagel, de Rossi Re, Solbiati, Beglarian or others) is interspersed with "Spots" (Rzewski, Godi, Schnebel), that are comparable to the advertisements, program announcements or fragments of other programs, that interrupt the main programme when one is Zapping.

An image is an image - ?


Zapping__TV-Guide (subject to changes)

Titine (Charlie Chaplin)
Arrangement of film-music for recorder, accordion and guitar

Vormittagspuk (Maurizio Pisati / Hans Richter)
Silent film with music for recorder and guitar

Piece for accordion with screens (Caroline Wilkins)
Instrumental theatre for accordion

Episoden, Figuren (Maurizio Kagel)
Instrumental theater for accordion

Salse per gru… (Fabrizio de Rossi Re / Stefan Wanzenried)
Music with film for recorders
The film "Salse" was produced for the piece by Stephan Wanzenried in 2004.

Pape Moe (Alessandro Solbiati)
For recorder, accordion & guitar
Images by Andreas Pfiffner

Until it Blazes (Eve Beglarian)
music with film for electric guitar

Titine (Charlie Chaplin)
Arrangement of film-music for recorder, accordion and guitar

Spots (composition by F. Rzewski), Fingerpoems by D. Schnebel,
Fish Song (by F. Godi soundtrack for "Signor Rossi")