::: THE SHORE (2009) :::

Shore { shôr, shor } (n) from Old English schore, Anglo Saxon score, and Middle Lower German schore ~ 1. a point of division; 2. land at or near the edge of a body of water, especially a large body; 3. land as opposed to water; 4. in law, the land area between the marks of high and low water

The Shore is an ongoing project permuting the idea of antagonistic concepts or processes related to the theme of water and representing reflections on the implications of water to life, society and culture.
In different places and with varying partners around the world we explore this element´s acoustic, aesthetic, physical and sociological qualities. Waterside we let them come to sound in varying instrumentations and settings.

THE SHORE - endangered beauty (Monash University, 2012)
Interdisciplinary Composition & Environmental Journalism Project

„The Shore – endangered beauty“ deals with the ocean and our views and thoughts about it as we see it from the shore.
We aim to initiate a critical examination of this topic, and to nourish a consciousness of the environment among the students and the public.
Key question: What comes to your mind when you think of the shore?
In this project we want to show the contrasts between a romantic, idealizing image of the shore/ocean (vacation, swim/surf, recreation, beauty) that most of us will have as a spontaneous answer to the above question, and a realistic critical view of the sources of endangerment and destruction that our oceans are exposed to today (endangered reefs, pollution, warming etc.).
In the final show of this collaboration we will present music compositions (by Monash composers and others) as a hommage to the ocean/water/underwater world, along with footage and documentaries/coverages (by Journalism students) critically examining dreams, reality and perspectives concerning our oceans and shores.
Shouldn´t we save what we love?

THE SHORE - endangered beauty
Performances on Oct. 5th and 6th 2012
at The Butterly Club, Melbourne
part of Melbourne Fringe Festival 2012



Monash School of Journalism -- video production(s) "The Shore“
Monash School of Music -- new compositions "The Shore"

Georg Hajdu (D, *1960)
Tsunami (2006/12 - AusFP/WP)
Version for recorder & accordion

NN (Monash, AUS)
New Work (2012 - WP)
for recorders, accordion (video)

Thomas Reiner (AUS/D, *1959)
Pillow Talk (2012 - WP)
Recorders & accordion

NN (Monash, AUS)
New Work (2012 - WP)
for recorders, accordion (video)

Windspiel (D)
„Aquarium“ (2012)
Improvisation for underwaterfilms
recorders, accordion, video

NN (Monash, AUS)
New Work (2012 - WP)
for recorders, accordion (video)

Simon Vosecek (AT, *1978)
Durst (2012 - WP)
For recorders & accordion

Other Programmes:

THE SHORE - tracing a fine line
(Hiram Creative Field Studies Programme 2009)
interdisciplinary art & music project

solo recital for recorder and electronics
…merging/dividing/transition processes in composition, elements or states of being.
(L. Berio, S. Saunders-Smith, O. Schneller, A. Arteaga, C. Tsoupaki etc.)

THE SHORE - flotsam & memories
(Monash University, Melbourne 2010)

solo recital & composers workshop
…water as a habitat and source of life, and image of eternity
(Mukaiji, I. Yun, O. Schneller, L. Lim, F. de Rossi Re, R. Riehm etc.)

THE SHORE – from the oceans of the world
(solo / duo /trio version, 2010/11)

…watermusic, and underwater films
(F. Romitelli, T. Takemitsu, F. de Rossi Re, L. Ortiz, Improvisations & underwaterfilms etc. )