::: ORRANGE NOISE (2007/2008):
Boosted, blurred - electrified? :::

Music for blockflutes, accordion, tape and video
Windspiel | contemporary music duo

Orange noise: "Quasi-stationary noise with a finite power spectrum. Since all in-tune musical notes are eliminated, the remaining spectrum could be said to consist of sour, citrus, or "orange" notes. Orange noise is most easily generated by a roomfull of primary school students equipped with plastic soprano recorders." (www.wikipedia.org)


B. Gysin (*1968) - Anor (2006)
For blockflutes, accordion and tape

F. de Rossi Re (*1960) - Salse per gru... (1993)
For blockflutes, tape and video (by S. Wanzenried)

Georgina Derbez (*1968) - La Forca, il sparvier (2007)
For blockflutes and accordion

Gordon Kampe (*1976) - Das Barcklay Syndrom (2006)
For accordion, CD and accessories

Lorenzo Tomio - Huiro (2007, WP)
For blockflute, accordion and video

Oliver Schneller (*1966) - Turbulent Space (2004/5)
For blockflute and electronics

Juan José Barcenas (*1982) - Micropersuation (2008, WP)
for recorders, accordion und tape

Pèter Köszeghy (*1971) - Lucutus (1999)
For bass-blockflute, accordion and tape