::: Flash of Sword Light (2006) :::

Windspiel | Contemporary Music Duo

"Flash of Sword Light" is a programme presenting some of the latest vituoso and poetic compositions for recorder and accordion uniting Japanese and European musical culture.
Windspiels instruments - Recorders and Accordion - sound very similar to the Japanese instruments Shakuhachi and Sho. Hence, for a long time, the duo has been interested and involved in exploring the potentials of sound that Japanese music holds for their instruments.
The title of the programme originates from an ancient collection of poems "Wakan Roei Shu" (Poems to Sing) compiled by the Japanese poet Fujiwara no Kinto (966 - 1041). It refers to the shimmering play of colors and the impressive and powerful gesture of Japanese music, which is both highly artificial and of perfect naturalness.
By "Flash of Sword Light" we take the audience into the extraordinary and variable sound-world of contemporary Japanese music.


Toshio Hosokawa (*1955)
Birds Fragments IIIb (1990/2003)
for recorders and accordion

Noriko Kawakami (*1955)
Das Licht der Illusion I (2008)
for accordion solo

Kumiko Omura (*1970)
von jenseits des Flusses (2006)
for recorders and accordion

Kotoka Suzuki (*1972)
While Ripples enlace (2010)
for alto recorder and electronics

Gagaku (trad.)
Hyojo no choshi (ca. 1200)
for Sho, version for accordion

Keiko Harada (*1968)
Third Ear Deaf IIb (2000)
for recorders and accordion