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"Salse per Gru..." (2004)

A film-project by Verena Wüsthoff and Stefan Wanzenried
Music and tape: "Salse..." by Fabrizio de Rossi Re, 1997
Film by Stefan Wanzenried, 2004
In cooperation with Emma Murray and Marcel Leemann (dance, Berne)

"Salse...." for recorders and tape was composed in 1997 by Fabrizio de Rossi Re. The composition was inspired by the film "Fellini Satyricon" and is based on a recipe by Roman master-cook Apicius (25 v. Chr. - ?). The film "Salse" was produced in 2004 by Stefan Wanzenried for our programme "Zapping".

"ATEM / BREATH" (2003)

ATEM for wind instrument

Composition by M. Kagel
Version for Recorders and Videoinstallation
by Verena Wüsthoff and José Navarro

"IMAGES" (2003)

Verena Wuesthoff, recorders
Eva Zoellner, accordion
Emanuele Forni, guitar


Calliope Tsoupaki (* 1963): Charavgi (1994)
For renaissance alto recorder in g

Toshio Hosokawa (*1955): Birds Fragments IIIb (1990/03)
For recorders and accordion

Maurizio Pisati (*1959): Vormittagspuk (1997)
For tenor-recorder, guitar and film

Fabrizio de Rossi Re (*1960): Salse per gru, anatra… (1993)
For recorders and tape

Mauricio Kagel (*1931): ATEM (1969/70)
For recorders and tape

for a consort of recorders
between Elisabeth I and John Cage

sermo, onis, m.
1. Literary conversation, discourse, disputation, discussion
2. a manner of speaking, mode of expression, style, diction, etc.

blandus, a, um, adj.
1. of a smooth tongue, flattering, fawning, caressing
2. pleasant, agreeable, enticing, alluring, charming, seductive

sermone blando
combines instrumental works by English composers of the age of Elizabeth I with contemporary
compositions by Frederic Rzewski and John Cage as well as some excerpts of John Cages "Silence" (Vortrag über Nichts).


anonymus: cantus firmus SERMONE BLANDO
William Byrd (1539/40-1623): SERMONE BLANDO à 3, SERMONE BLANDO à 4

Christopher Tye (ca. 1500-1572): Sit Fast
John Cage (1912-1992): THREE
Christopher Tye: Sit Fast

John Baldwine ( ? - 1615): SERMONE BLANDO, ANGELUS

Frederic Rzewski (*1938): Les Moutons de Panurge
William Daman (1540/41-1591):Di Sei Soprani

John Baldwine ( ? - 1615): Miserere
Henry VIII (1491-1547): Taunder Naken

Texts: excerpts from: John Cage: "Silence" (1959), translation by Ernst Jandl

"Ueber schall" (2002) - Concert in 6 scenes

contemporary music for recorder and other protagonists

In this programme we presented six very different compositions, all of which tell their own story in a specific way. In each work, scenic aspects are more or less important, and often it is ambiguous if sound illustrates an image or vice versa. in the course of the performance the function of the scenic moments shifts from plain illustration to instrumental theater.

ofrenda (1986) mario lavista (*1943)
version for tenor recorder and dancer

rotations (1988) jan r. van roosendael (*1960)
for alto recorder in g

three pieces for films by hans richter (1997)
fabrizio de rossi re (*1961)
for recorder, accordion, piano and percussion
(with films by hans richter, 1928 - 1930)


spots (1987), nr. 1, 2, 3, 9, 12 frederic rzewski (*1938)
for 4 players with different instruments
films for spots (2001/2) stefan wanzenried (*1979)

dos a dos (1988) vinko globokar (*1934)
for 2 instrumentalists
(version for recorder and clarinet)

atem (1969/70) mauricio kagel (*1931)
for wind-intrument